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Adaugat pe 07 Decembrie 2012
Valabil pana 06 Ianuarie 2013 ok and hosts the website of Eureka Consultancy Ltd - The offshore centres that we mainly use are the highly regulated jurisdictions of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The reason for this is as follows: A) - Taxation: All investments grow virtually tax free. Unlike onshore investments, the offshore investment institution will not have to pay Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax or Corporation Tax on your investment funds. B) - Confidentiality: The offshore centres have legislative confidentiality in place. This restricts the divulgence of information to any third party authority or individual. This is not just a code of ethics; it is the law. C) - Investor protection: The Investor Protection Acts enforced in these three centres are second to none, as they guarantee up to 90% of your accumulated investment. The possibilty that you will need the protection is remote, as all the companies that we deal with are internationally recognised institutions. However, its comforting to know that the law is in place to protect you. Tel: 0744262116. Web:

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